AE 2D Parallaxer – After Effects Scripts

Capture2D Parallaxer – After Effects Scripts
Add-on Files Included .mov, .jsx | August 12, 14 | 281Mb
2D Parallaxer a script for Adobe After Effects, which creates a simple side-scrolling animation, customizable and easy to use.

Create a new composition in After Effects in the desired size, frame rate, and length. Run the script to add 2D Parallaxer on a new PC. Choose between horizontal and vertical parallax and the number parallaxing layers to create animations. The script creates and organizes the necessary elements in the project file and the composition without the use of 3D layers or camera.

Easily add frames between parallaxing layers in the main composition, and the parents of those adding layers on the moving parts using a script generated value NULL.

works: Mac OSX (32-bit) After Effects CS3 / CS4, Mac OSX (64-bit) After Effects CS5 / CS6 / CC, Windows (32-bit) After Effects CS3 / CS4, Windows (64-bit) After Effects CS5 / CS6 / CC
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