AE 3D Portrait Project

CaptureThis is what you can do:
Revive the complex structure of the human face
Select a preset, which is the angle at which your photo was taken
Changes to the assembly in masks for the eyes, nose, lips and ears
Creating a custom mask to take items such as hair, neck and shoulder into account
Generation of 3D-surface based on these masks
Moving the camera around the surface and keyframes for animation
Display it in full HD (1920×1080)

what are you getting:
3D portrait B1 (Compatible with CS4 and above)
60 minutes video tutorial
Pdf-document controls explanation

Please keep in mind that this tool was created to revive the portraits of human faces only.
If you would like to revive all other photos, please check the photo animator.

Also keep in mind that, although it is three-dimensional effect is generated from the two-dimensional image, and therefore it has its limitations.
It does not generate all the spherically-3D head model, but replaces the flat surface.
There will be several types of photos that will work better than others. But for most of the photos I tried it, it worked fine.
Basic understanding after exposure ‘3D-space and the movement of the camera is recommended.
It is a complex effect, so depending on your machine, wait a little longer to render. You always have an opportunity to reduce the 3D-surface resolution, though.
Visit website and download free project after effect : click Here or Here


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