AE Hand Drawn Project

This project file, you can easily convert any image, animation or text (anything with an alpha channel) in the drawn elements. More control than you can shake a stick at, easy to customize the look of your project. If you do not want to mess around, do not worry … the default settings make it easy to drag and drop, and render. Animation project does not require any third-party plug-ins, so that after loading the project file, you’ll be on your way to the spraying of their ideas. The project file is also available with 8 textures of paper, scribbling custom transitions to erase the image on the screen, and a fast start.
For those who want to control everything is possible, there are 27 parameters to manipulate. All the controls are in a convenient location. Some options include:
font color
stroke color
Width of stroke
Stock smear
Stock roughness
fill color
fill in the stroke width
fill in the stroke range
Artificial 3D displacement
frame frequency
overall volume:
Wiggle scale, position, rotation and volume
plus more!

45 elements to get you set up quickly. Mother works included so you can make changes easliy special.
Visit website and download free project after effect : click Here or Here


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