AE Logo Diamon Project

Use this elegant template with flexible:

TV show.
Corporate logos.
Music / party / dance / DJ concepts.
Fashion ideas
Tutorial | Element 3D plugin
Key Features:

All options are included, plus many more.
More than 15 project files did not include in the preview video.
Realistic gold / silver / 15 and the real world is all crystal device adjustable.
Detailed tables are included for easy selection of the project.
Many excellent control for a very simple setup raboty.Neskolko clicks and you’re ready to render.
Use this product with text or logo.
Item 3D-modeling is required. (Both versions of the supported versions v1.61 and v2.2)
Full HD (1920 * 1080).
After Effects CS4 or later.
Audio file “to fight no more,” you can find (here) .Spasibo author soundroll.
My first animation Logos “lenerway” is not included.
A detailed video tutorial is included showing the basics and some advanced settings.
Music is not included

Main settings

Logo Scale
Diamonds card size
Use on Alpha
Dust particles
The mixture in the original logo
Background color
The original logo color for refractions
Colorful refraction
Refraction Colours 1
The breaking of the color intensity of 1
Refraction Colours 2
The breaking of the color intensity of 2
Refraction Colours 3
Refraction color intensity 3
Crystal Mode
Crystal Color
Flashes on the logo
Little Diamonds
Little Diamonds Rotation Speed
Little Diamond Size
Little Diamonds Crystal Mode
Little Diamonds Color
Refracted Environment
Diamonds Version 2
Diamonds Version 2B Diamond Size
Diamonds Diamond Version 2B size card
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