AE Photo Heart Project


The main composition is the “final”-one. If you want to edit a text or a picture you ONLY need you have a
look at the subcompositions (1.Title;2.Title;…) and edit them. The maincomposition will automatically be updated
with your modification. You can find the Subcompositions under “Compositions>Subcompositions”(doubleclick
them to open).


-If you want to edit a text-layer, you just have to double-click on the layername.
Be sure to bring the timemarker in the “edit-zone”, which is marked above the timeline.

-If you want to add an image or a video, make a double-click in the projectwindow and import the file.
After this drag it in one of the placeholder-subcompositions.
Usually you can also add some textlayers, videos or a second image in a placeholder


-If you open the project and everything is very “laggy” you can put down the preview-quality to “half”
under see previewwindow.

-The used font is “FFF Tusj”, you can download it free from internet.

-If you don’t like the intensity of the color, you can just delete
the “Alternativcolor”-Layer
Visit website and download free project after effect : click Here or Here


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