AE Search Engine Advertisement Project

Search engine optimization advertising with the included sound effects
Show your potential clientele marketing.
Visualize the impact of your services provide a way to infographics.
Show site moves up the ranks to number 1. Great for SEO company, brand, Internet marketing and social media companies.
Structure Project
Problem display in the search bar (for example, why do I have a low rating?)
Navigation down to results and the introduction of lower-level company
Show 5 basic services, facilitating the engine rankings
Resubmit company expertise in the search bar
End O logo and slogan
CS4 was a project full HD, built entirely in AE
Including clear sound effects courtesy Soundroll
No plugin is not required
Arial font used for the logo and Catull, both free
Synchronized Soundroll jumped out and clap
User-friendly – More PDF manual
Visit website and download free project after effect : click Here or Here


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