AE The Living Dead Bundle Project

CaptureNOTE: It is not for the faint of heart! After Effects Bundles are created using a standard MacBook Pro 2010 8 GB. Nothing is too powerful. So I can assure, if I can be a bonus too many fillers. So, Tomb of the meeting is no different. However, I would strongly recommend to have at least … …. and I mean at least 4 GB of RAM in your computer. 4K files are clean, crisp and light in terms of production and speed. For example, in a file, you can work quickly and smoothly. However, some in the composite are quite heavy and can down workflow accelerates significantly. So, with that, I would recommend a good amount of RAM. 4G RAM is OK, but you get higher speed and faster workflow has 8 GB or more. Nevertheless, I have to break the project into smaller units (lots) for people who may have a slower machine. However, it can sometimes result in serious depending on the computer.

The huge size of 4K offers freedom of design, composite, or animation. The actual pictures are very clear, clean and huge! Better yet, the files were transferred at a rate that will provide fast and do not eat memory of your system. Everything you need to give your project that zombies CLASSIC campy feel.


50 …. Yes, the cemetery 50 shots in 4Q Cinemascope!
4K ash matiruet
4K elements of fire
4K chroma key zombies matiruet
28 Color & Monochrome Presets
Film Controllers
New! Amazing Lens Mud Mixer
Easy and organized 4K (4096X1680), with a resolution of 1080p and 720p after the impact of the project layout
Video Tutorial
7:30 min After Effects CS5 Project
The project is also divided into 8 small project files to speed workflow.
50 com
Bonus credit package
More than 60 items Tomb.
The project is also broken down into smaller ..
No plugins required – 100% after the effects of built-in effects!
User-Friendly Format QuickTime. Compatible with all operating systems!
All fonts used in the project are linked to a PDF file.
Visit website and download free project after effect : click Here or Here


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