Chinese Martial Arts Movies Wu Dang


Wu Dang is a 2012 Chinese-Hong Kong martial arts fantasy film directed by Patrick Leung, starring Vincent Zhao, Yang Mi, Louis Fan, Dennis To and Xu Jiao. It was first released in mainland China on 6 July 2012.

The story is set in the early Republican era in China. Tang Yunlong, an archaeology professor, returns from the United States to China and he brings along his daughter, Tang Ning, with him. He meets Paul Chen, an antique seller who deals in stolen artefacts from all over China. A fight breaks out when Tang seizes a treasure map from Chen. Tang defeats Chen’s men and escapes with the map. The Tangs then make their way to the Wudang Mountains to attend a martial arts contest. Elsewhere, on an aeroplane, a girl called Tianxin fights with other martial artists on board and steals an invitation card to attend the event at Wudang.

At Wudang, it is revealed that Tang Yunlong and Tianxin are there for the same objective — to hunt for seven treasures hidden all over the Wudang Mountains. Tianxin wants only one of the seven, a sword, which she insists belonged to her family. On the other hand, Tang Yunlong is searching for a magic pill, which can cure his daughter of a rare medical illness that killed his wife. While hunting for the treasures, Tang Yunlong and Tianxin have several encounters and confrontations with the Wudang guardians keeping watch over the treasures, as well as with Paul Chen and his men, who are also there for the treasures.