Wedding Proshow Project Magic

CaptureWedding project by well-known masters and “Enthusiast” PSP – stranger2156
The demo reel and all components of the presentation are included in the distribution.
This project is adapted for the 6th version of the program, unlike the original.

From the author:
Some guidelines for project presentations:
Time slide (below the lock) and transitions can not be changed, disturbed synchronization of photos and transitions in the footage.
The hue of the background layer (bg_mask.png) you can change the correction settings, the examples in slides 6 and 7.
The presentation includes a title slide No. 2 (with inscriptions), duplicates long (4,5,6,7 and 9) and short slides (8 and 10), and the finish of the slide 11.
Duplicate medium of slides between the cover and the finish, can be combined in any order.
In the project invested messagebye transitions (2) and used for label font (Alexandra Zeferino Three).
PS if the 2 Optical flare transition between slides does not look very “clean”, try to change the photo on the joints slide.
Visit website and download free project after effect : click Here or Here


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